Welfare can take a variety of different forms – but in essence it is the state of being or doing well; a condition of health, happiness, and comfort, wellbeing or prosperity.

If you’re struggling with welfare, reach out to us!

  • VOS has an in-house welfare officer that can assist with tackling loneliness, signposting, advocacy and support to access what you need in terms of benefits.
  • VOS can offer impartial, relevant and up-to-date advice using DWP and other government agencies and legislation to help you make informed choices.
  • We have a welfare capability that not only offers this 1:1 advice but also links you into our many and varied list of delivery partners via our Drop-In service. If they are not at Drop-In itself, we can always link you directly to them in and signpost you to their services.

Contact welfare@vosuk.org for support or call our main office on 02392731767.

As well as supporting veterans, we also support their carers, spouses and partners.

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