VOS Receives Grant From HIWCF

Veterans Outreach Support (VOS) is hugely grateful to The Hampshire & Isle of Wight Community Foundation (HIWCF) for the £5,000 grant that they recently awarded to us.


This grant will go towards the provision of our wellbeing activities throughout Portsmouth, some of which we put on ourselves and some of which are organised in partner with other organisations. These local activities are a key part of VOS’s offering of wellbeing support to local veterans, serving personnel and their family members.


Veterans Outreach Support is a registered charity, which means we require a certain amount of funding to be able to deliver a range of valuable support to veterans and their family members. VOS supports veterans and current members of the Armed Forces by providing access to enjoyable and interesting wellbeing activities that help to facilitate camaraderie within the veteran community, offer opportunities for accessible, well-supported fun to veterans, helping to improve their self-confidence, self-worth and feelings of wellbeing.


The Hampshire & Isle of Wight Community Foundation (HIWCF) is an independent charitable foundation that specialises in facilitating local giving for local need, by working with donors wanting to give back to their local communities and voluntary groups providing vital services for local people. They aim to support smaller charities, community groups and voluntary organisations doing vital work across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

An opaque light blue background with photos behind it. In the middle is a white square in the middle, with a dark blue shadow border on the right and bottom sides. Within the square is a quote "I've been focusing so much on my husband, I'd forgotten to take time for myself & get stuck in with something I love" from a VOS Spouse attending Wellbeing Activities. Underneath the words is the Veterans Outreach Support charity logo. | VOS
A pale blue background with a white square in the centre that has a blue shadow border on the right and bottom sides and red quotation marks in the top left and bottom right corners. Within the square is a quote with the words "I need these groups. They get me out of my head." from a VOS Veteran attending Wellbeing Activities. In the top right corner is a circle image of a group of people holding up a white banner with the charity logo for Veterans Outreach Support on it. In the bottom left corner is the VOS logo. | VOS

VOS is hugely grateful to HIWCF, as their support and funding will allow us to provide wellbeing activities to local veterans, serving members of the Forces and their family members.


If you’re a veteran from the UK Armed Forces or the Merchant Navy (from any time of service) or a partner to one, VOS would love for you to join our community. We are here to offer our support: call us on 02392 731 767, visit an upcoming drop-in, or email admin@vosuk.org.


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