VOS Receives Cobseo’s Veterans Mental Health Awareness Standard – VMHAS

We are pleased to announce that VOS has received the Veterans Mental Health Awareness Standard (VMHAS) from the Confederation of Service Charities (Cobseo).

The VMHAS acknowledges the positive, effective, non-clinical work we do at VOS to support mental health in our ex-Forces community. We do also facilitate access to clinical mental health support, but that is not part of this particular Standard’s consideration.

Offering Practical Veteran Mental Health Support

Keith Gibley (Portfolio Manager of Pathways in Mind/VPPP), gives us a further breakdown about what Cobseo and the Veterans Mental Health Awareness Standard are all about:

“Cobseo has been leading a project to develop and roll out a Veteran Mental Health Awareness Standard across the sector, and to build co-operation, coordination and collaboration across the VPPP programme and wider Armed Forces charity sector,” says Keith.“This Standard will enable veterans to have greater confidence and choices in accessing services that meet their needs.”

To achieve this Standard, organisations must have proven to Cobseo that they ‘incorporate best practices in their provision of safe and sustainable non-clinical services and places of support.’ This means that here at VOS and throughout VPPP, veterans can rest assured that they are receiving support they can trust.

“Veterans Outreach Support has clearly demonstrated the appropriate level of awareness and its commitment to improving the non-clinical and safe support given to veterans with mental health needs,” says Nick Grace, Project Manager at Cobseo VMHAS.

Prioritising Veteran Mental Health, Today and Beyond

This seal of approval is much appreciated by our hardworking team. For those who coordinate our wellbeing activities, help at our drop-ins and social groups, and do the day-to-day work of keeping our community connected, the VMHAS offers some well-deserved recognition. It also serves as a benchmark for all of us to uphold in the years to come.

“The standard is an important layer of assurance for charities, demonstrating that they are observing best practice in the provision of safe and sustainable non-clinical services,” shares VOS CEO Ian Mills. He continues:


For more on COBSEO, you can explore their website here. For help improving your own mental health, consider stopping by our next Drop-In or checking out our many wellbeing activities for veterans and their families. You can also reach out to us at the contact details below.

If you’re a veteran from the UK Armed Forces or the Merchant Navy (from any time of service) or a partner to one, VOS would love for you to join our community. We are here to offer our support: call us on 02392 731 767, visit an upcoming drop-in, or email admin@vosuk.org.

VOS is immensely grateful to the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust and the Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity, as without their support and funding we would not be able to provide our wellbeing activities.

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