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Substance Misuse

VOS has its own in-house Veterans Substance Misuse Practitioner, which can help veterans and their families’ experiencing problems with alcohol and substance use to change their lives.

We can help you to cut down, stop drinking or taking drugs. We can also give you the advice to help you stay safe and healthy.

It is hard for people who have never experienced addiction themselves to even begin to comprehend the overwhelming impact it has on someone’s life and those people closest to them. When you have an addiction it becomes the whole focus of your life, and nothing else is important. People from all walks of life can be affected by this and often they don’t realise that their alcohol and substance use is becoming a problem. “I never thought it would happen to me” is something we hear a lot.

But people can change their lives and through the support and interventions VOS offers they are able to find new interests and activities that motivate them more than their substance use. We are here for them, and we support each individual every step of the way.

VOS provide services that include advice, information, harm reduction interventions, recovery planning with reduction support. We work closely with local substance misuse recovery agencies who can provide pharmalogical based programmes if needed.

Our Substance Misuse Practitioner will build upon the strengths of the individual in their recovery journey and support individuals to maintain and move towards abstinence or safe drinking.

Are you a veteran concerned about alcohol or drug use? For many veterans’ substance misuse can hide the symptoms of other disorders and make it difficult to ask for or find effective help and treatment.
Combat Stress has a pilot project Substance Misuse Case Management Service operating in Portsmouth in partnership with the Queen Alexandra Hospital. We want veterans to find the right treatment, so this service will help you access relevant specialists and mental health support.
Combat Stress has a specialist nurse and a community-based substance misuse support worker working in Portsmouth who both attend Drop-In.

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