Partner Spotlight: The Ripple Pond

An introduction to VOS partner The Ripple Pond


Veterans Outreach Support is proud to connect our community with so many great partner organisations. To showcase the excellent support and mental health resources for veterans these organisations offer, we’re shining a spotlight on the hardworking people who run them. Today we’re excited to introduce you to The Ripple Pond, and we’ve invited them to share with you some more information about what they do.


The Ripple Pond – Your Forces Family Network

Supporting adult family members of physically or psychologically injured British Armed Forces personnel and veterans.


We know how challenging it can be to support a loved one who’s struggling, and we want to help.

By joining our peer support network, you’ll be immersing yourself in a community of people who’ve felt exactly how you’re feeling right now. No more having to explain yourself… we all just get it. 


That level of understanding can have a positive impact in so many ways:

  • Reduced feelings of isolation
  • Building your confidence and self-esteem
  • Find practical solutions to day-to-day problems
  • Become more resilient
  • Create a sense of well-being
  • Which in turn contributes to a more positive state of mental health

We also work collaboratively with many other organisations and charities, and have a range of trusted parties that we can signpost you to for specific military family support services.

When I was looking for some guidance around my job and work situation, TRP referred me to the appropriate place that they had checked out would be suitable.’

We aren’t part of the military Chain of Command, your Unit Welfare Service or the MoD.


Life as a military carer can leave you feeling isolated and, at worst, can have a detrimental effect on your mental health and wellbeing.

We will connect you with our unrivalled peer support community, where you will meet other people in a similar situation to yours, and who will offer you genuine support and understanding, in a confidential and safe environment.  


I like that there is no commitment or pressure with TRP – nobody thinks twice if someone posts for support having been quiet for 6 months – the are just there to offer support.  Members don’t have regular free time so the fact that TRP can fit around their lives is really important.  All members are looking for the same thing – they don’t want to be told how to live their life, they all have common ground and there is no judgement.  Everyone is willing to be there for each other.’

We offer more than one avenue of support, because we firmly believe that one size does not fit all. We want our Members to have the option of choosing which method of support works for them, and their personal circumstances.


Confidentiality, privacy and safety are paramount to us, and we ensure all of our Members adhere to our Safeguarding Policy.


We host regular livestreams and events for our members, in collaboration with other organisations and charities. As with everything we do, our events are always relaxed and informal – Members can drop in and out, you can tuck into your dinner whilst you watch, you can wear your pyjamas… anything goes! We also know all too well that free time can be a rarity to carers, which is why we always save the talks to our channels, to give Members the freedom to catch up in their own time.


‘I’ve saved a number of the online talks and will watch them when I get the chance – its really helpful that I can watch in my own time and ensures that nobody is excluded from having access.  One I did watch was a member talking about how her and her family cope with her husband’s PTSD – it was interesting and really helpful to hear some of her hints and tips.’


We are a charity that listens to our members and we are dedicated to learning from them about what they need and want from us.


Veterans Outreach Support is grateful to The Ripple Pond for providing this insight into their organisation, and we are proud to work in partnership with them to provide support to the family members of British Armed Forces personnel and veterans.


VOS is here to support veterans from the UK Armed Forces service, the Merchant Navy, and their partners. If you know a veteran (from any time of service), please pass our details along. If you’re a veteran or partner and are thinking about getting in touch, we would love to hear from you. Call us on 02392 731 767, visit one of our drop-ins, or email

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